Tutors FAQ

Tutors FAQ

Sophisthub is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, so our facilities are available to help you find a tutor whenever it is most convenient for you. Unlike using an agency, all the facilities Sophisthub provides to Tutions/tutors are free of charge. Thus, Sophisthub offers a cheaper and more convenient method of finding a tutor then using an agency, as you will only pay for the lessons provided at the rate quoted by your selected tutor.

“Yes” certainly sophisthub does! For parents, Tutionsor tutors experiencing technical problems, our online assistance allows you to contact us directly. Please send us a message and we will endeavor to provide the necessary support as soon as we can.

Three weeks after making the introduction between tutor and client, Sophisthub will ask Tutions/parents to provide a brief comment about their tutor. Referrals from other users are crucial to both the private tuition industry and to the success of the Sophisthub system. Feedback supplies prospective clients with objective information regarding the private tutors, and allows tutors to promote themselves further by posting all positive feedback on their personal profile.

This is an unlikely situation as Tutionsand/or their parents generally spend a significant amount of time deliberating which tutor will work best for them. To withdraw interest would be a waste of time on their behalf. If any Tution does change their mind after releasing the tutor’s detail it is generally because the tutor has not been in touch to initiate tuition quickly enough. Alternatively a client may have since chosen another tutor. This does sometimes happen and should not in any way be taken personally. Sophisthub has nothing to do with this.

For this information please check the terms of your Tution / study visa to ensure you are allowed to work on a self-employed basis in Canada.